Smart working in Bormio

Discover the most beautiful way to work (and live) better!

It is indeed true that sometimes crises serve to bring out new resources and new ways of finding solutions.

Since the health emergency and related lockdown, for example, a custom that had been heard about for years but until then had been confined to the book of good intentions has finally taken hold: telecommuting or smart working.

That is, the ability to do your work at your PC, remotely, connected via the Internet to your company.

The story of a happy worker

start imagining your living room as well

We tell you about the experience of a professional who chose Hotel Baita dei Pini and Bormio for a few weeks of smart working immersed in the nature of Valtellina.

He, like you, tried to adapt to a situation he had not decided.

Like you, he had to get the most comfortable chair or armchair he had in the house (when your wife doesn’t already need it), he thought of changing the background during meetings, so that he wouldn’t be spied in the house by all his colleagues.

He also often and frequently quarreled with the Wi Fi provider, as the connection would hiccup and leave him stranded at the most important times.

In short: it was not easy. Not only because of what was felt and the fear that physiologically we all felt, but precisely because of the logistical working conditions.

That’s why he thought he would finally carve out a vacation while equipping himself with a new workstation from which to work more relaxed and productively.

Therefore, he thought of planning a smart working parenthesis directly from the mountains of Valtellina, in the comfort of a 4-star hotel in Bormio, with restaurant, outdoor garden and many other services!

Once he arrived, he was able to leave his car in the garage and forgot it there for a while (if you have an electric car, you can charge it directly here at our charging station).

He settled into his favorite room (we have some different types, from standard to junior suites and suites, if you want maximum comfort; to family rooms or comfortable independent apartments in the nearby Chalet Stars of Snow, if you also take your wife and children with you) and immediately opened the window to hear thefresh air of the mountains and begin to appreciate the tranquility of new location to work from.

In fact, we are surrounded by greenery, and outside the room you will find a spacious garden where you can relax in your downtime or watch the children play.

Our host confided in us that he is very satisfied especially because of the time saved (and the effort): no need to jam breaks at the supermarket or tinker at the stove because we can also make a flat rate including meals at our restaurant (The Baita Garden in summer is open continuously from 12 noon to 2 p.m.!).

Every now and then on his lunch break, he loved to stretch his legs and take a walk in the woods, something for which he would ask us to pack his bag with placemat, sandwiches and tasty finger foods to enjoy in enchanted places (the experience PicNic is new this year that is getting a lot of acclaim!).

Of course, self-respecting smart working is not all about leisure, however.

Work has also found optimal conditions here: a high-performance Wi Fi connection throughout the hotel; bar for a tantalizing coffee break; meeting room with video projector, microphone and giant screen; ad hoc catering services and coffee breaks for business meetings and interviews.

In fact, he was joined one weekend by some colleagues and their families, and while the wives and children were enjoying themselves in Bormio, they had a fruitful business meeting!

After work, they all went to relax at Bagni di Bormio, one of the main attractions of the area!

That’s right: this is one of Europe’s best-known destinations for wellness vacations, and we have agreements with Bagni Vecchi, Bagni Nuovi and Bormio Terme: you have everything you need to release tension and regain harmony!

It is for all these reasons that after months of lockdown indoors, you, too, would benefit from getting back outdoors in these mountains, and a hotel with a nice summer garden is just what you need! This is the right opportunity to combine pleasure and duty.

On the next call, you too will no longer have to change the background, but rather, proudly display the frame that houses you during your smart working in Bormio, making your colleagues die of envy!

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