The Bagni Vecchi in Bormio

These baths have been a synonym of wellness for over 2,000 years

Would you like to immerse yourself in thermal waters that have been known since Roman times? For over 2,000 years, the Bagni Vecchi of Bormio have incessantly seduces and fascinated all those who have passed through the Upper Valtellina area, to the slopes of Mount Reit, from which these extremely precious springs gush.

You have yet another reason why you should stop at the Hotel Baita dei Pini, given that we have made special arrangements we have made with the Bagni Vecchi. Once you have purchased your ticket (at a preferential price), you will be able to access 6 sectors, with 36 different special spa offers!

What you absolutely mustn’t miss out on:

St. Martin’s sudatorium
A natural, humid sauna that is not only exclusive but there is only one of its kind in the world. It consists of a detoxifying path that stretches along 2 tunnels that penetrate in the rock for over 50 metres and that is proposed as a Dante-style voyage to the after-life: from the ideal temperatures of Paradise, to the heat of the Purgatory, to the extreme heat of Hell. In order to gradually adapt your body to the temperature (which reaches a maximum of 48°C) and the increasing humidity (up to 95%) it is advisable to slowly walk along the path until you reach Purgatory.

Medieval Baths
This is a re-generating wellness body treatment path, created in the most ancient part of the medieval Fortress: 4 different proposals, which enhance the therapeutic properties of each other as well as the peculiarities of the thermal waters (mineral salts and sulphur bacteria).

Outdoor swimming pool
A gentle, anti-stress bath, with whirlpool areas, in which you can pleasurably immerse yourself, also in the coldest or snowiest days, into hot water the temperature of which is between 38° – 40°C. Next to the little church, there is a large solarium. There is also a spectacular view of the Conca di Bormio (the wide Bormio Valley) and of the Rhetian Dolomite mountains surrounding it.

Roman Baths
There are two baths close to the grotto which was already in use in pre-Roman times, where one of the nine thermal water springs rich in natural sulphur bacteria gushes freely. In the solarium in front of the Roman Bath grottos, a large wooden bath has been reproposed and completely renovated.

Imperial Baths
As from the 19th century, a tonifying path to recover physical wellbeing, regenerating your body from daily stress encountered in the city or after sport.

Archduchess’ Baths
These were created in the period after the opening of the Stelvio Pass Road (1825) in order to guarantee adequate privacy to the members of the Royal House of Austria-Hungary and were renovated and re-opened to the public in December 2005. This is a path that is regenerating for your skin, your spirit and your mind.

Live your dream-like experience in extremely ancient thermal spas, of unrivalled charm!

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