Nordic walking or Nordic walking

Discover the sport! In the setting of the Stelvio National Park

Nordic walking is the new trend sport, suitable for all ages and practicable at any time of year.

In this regard, Bormio is a true paradise for all those who love movement and discovery of the extraordinary natural surroundings.

If snow and skiing are the watchwords during the winter vacation, the summer months are characterized by mild weather and plenty of sunshine, prompting even more people to get out and try their hand at exciting hikes and tours to conquer the Alpine world.

Why prefer Nordic walking?

Nordic walking or Nordic walking is practiced through special poles, similar to those used in cross-country skiing, and requires the activation of muscles over the entire body.

In fact, compared to normal walking, Nordic walking exerts a force on the sticks with each step, resulting in the involvement of muscle groups in the chest, lats, triceps, biceps, shoulders, abdominals and spines.

It is estimated that by doing so, Nordic walking can result in up to 46 percent more energy consumption than regular walking.

Forced involvement of the muscles generates effects greater than what can be achieved by normal walking at the same pace.

Its benefits

Among the benefits of Nordic walking we can mention:

  • Increased strength and endurance in the main muscles and upper trunk
  • Increased heart rate at the same rate
  • Improvement of vascular pathways and efficiency of oxygen delivery
  • greater ease in ascending slopes
  • Consumption of more calories than normal walking
  • improvement of balance and stability
  • Significant relief of stresses on the hip, knee and ankles
  • Reduction of stresses on the bone structure

Come and practice this beautiful outdoor activity among the most beautiful scenery in the Alps, in the setting of Stelvio National Park!

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